Academic Business Challenge - for researchers

We are looking for researchers and PhD students that have a business idea (or an idea that could be developed into a business idea). Are you one of them? In that case, apply for the Academic Business Challenge.

To be able to develop an idea it has to be tested. That is the first important step. We have therefore developed a program called the Academic Business Challenge. In this program a group of students will evaluate business ideas created by researchers and graduate students, with the support of a business coach. The best idea and the best evaluation will be rewarded with scholarships.

We know from experience that many strong business ideas remain within the academic world, even though they could break through and make a difference if utilized on a larger scale. We also know that researchers and graduate students may need support to further develop their ideas - sometimes there is not enough time, sometimes you simply just need another set of eyes.

Academic Business Challenge starts on February 19 and runs for 8 weeks. You, as a researcher / PhD student, will participate in two workshops. One at the start of the program and one at the end, and in addition you will have to be available for questions about your idea in between the workshops. Academic Business Challenge is a collaboration between Uminova Innovation and Umeå School of Business and Economis and is managed as a course at Umeå University, where the students will receive tutoring and relevant lectures. The program language is English.

Fill in this application and send to, no later than 8 February.